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BREATHING! So underestimated..


It’s Friday today and the first week of YTT is now over. Usually Friday is one of those days where the intense pace of the week and multiple new impressions would have an introvert like me feeling pretty tired.

What I find interesting is that I don’t really feel that way as I scan my body sitting at home in my sofa. Of course there probably are multiple explanations to my high energy level: meeting new amazing people, enrolling in a YTT which has been a dream of mine for a long time and much more…

One major focus during the YTT which could seem like a basic practice has been breathing. More specifically “Pranayama”, expansion of life force. Is that what I’m experiencing now? – a heightened life force? Well, I definitely think so, at least this is a start! The first few days of our practice, taking a deep breath was actually pretty challenging for me, but everyday this week I’ve experienced that I gradually take deeper breaths and can “hold” my “OM” in our meditation much longer than day 1. Another sensation, as mentioned above is feeling more energetic, which really makes sense since I’ve allowed more oxygen to enter my body.

It might seem like such a basic, simple thing – but I really feel like a reminder is in place to BREATH! Breath, breath, breath y’all!

Fueling the body with as much oxygen as possible is a kind gesture towards your body.