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Breathing , one of the first few things we learn to do when we enter this world as a
baby, something we do subsciously on a daily basis. Who would have thought that there
were so many breathing techniques that could create different reactions from our body.
Starting every morning with 30 minutes of breathing really clears my mind. It forces me
to push away all the worries I have in life and just give my body time to replenish.
Although we take a breath every three to four seconds, it is not at all simple when we
try to focus on the details. The first day when we were taught to feel our chest rising,
ribs opening, and stomach rising, I was surprised to find it quite a challenge. I really had
to concentrate and isolate each motion which also helped me to focus on just one thing: breathing.

It feels like I am learning how to breathe again, except this time I am more aware of
what is happening to my body.

I like how breathing acts like a warm up before our physical practice. I can literally feel
the body temperature rising, and it feels like i can control where I want the oxygenated
blood to flow, to relax the tension I feel in every muscles. Having such control makes me
feel really powerful, and makes me feel like I am in control of my life as well. I feel
stronger, grounded and calmer.

Daisy Tjong
200 Hour YTT Jan’21