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Can you build muscles practicing yoga?

I sometimes encounter people who think that yoga is all about mild stretching and sitting down thinking about clouds and butterflies.

Is it because we often see popular magazines/social media displaying calm and tranquil people with beautiful hair in flashy yoga poses? I guess it’s due to the fact that we just cannot see all the effort, the sweat and sometimes tears behind the photos.

As many of us experienced, practicing yoga involves a lot of very hard work. Starting from breathing exercises, warm ups, to drills, binds and handstands, etc. Everything requires focus, concentration and a calm mind.

Yoga helps us build functional strength through lengthening and engaging exercices. The strength that we can use in real life and not just to look good in swimming suits like some fitness or weight lifting workouts do.

Yoga teaches us the correct breathing technics that help to move through the pain and increase our overall muscle endurance.

I like that I get stronger and notice that everyday tasks get easier. I enjoy all the endorphins I get through my practice. I admire yoga’s holistic approach to well-being and am looking forward to finding my inner harmony.

Sofia Lesin
200 Hour YTT Jan’21