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Carmen: Yoga is a Lifestyle

After going through Yoga Mandala YTT, I realised I see Yoga in a different perspective.

I used to think Yoga is an exercise, hobby or a trend that people pick up. Or an excuse to buy pretty gym wear. The more difficult the poses you can do, the higher the level one is. So if you can do difficult poses, you are good at Yoga. I even know a friend who cry at Yoga because of pain but she bear thru it just to get the YTT certification. Another one told me Yoga was painful. That was my shallow perspective of Yoga – difficult and stunning poses equals to Yoga mastery.

Now after proper guidance and training, I see Yoga as a lifestyle. It is something that you have to embrace and believe in it. It does not involve complex poses or pain. In fact, practicing Yoga will improve quality of life, both physically and mentally. For every sequence or pose, there is much to understand about the intention and effects. It is suitable for all ages and conditions. There is no such thing as cannot improve.

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend