Week 2. Reena (2/6)

Week 1 is over and here we are at week 2. Got to experience our first teaching experience today and I would say it really feels very different from being the one practicing on the mat. Teaching brought yoga to another perspective. From the teacher’s point of view it looks and feel really different. Rather […]

Day 1. Reena (1/6)

Apprehensive, doubtful, scared. Yet at the same time really excited at what would come along and how I can conquer my demons one day at a time, one asana at a time. Years ago, this was all just a dream, a pretty distant one I’d say. Never thought I’d be one who’d love doing yoga […]

Yokiyan 2019年2月中文周末班


My Yoga Journey – Week 1

After transferring to Singapore last year with my company, my dream of working in this Asian metropolis, and then flying on the weekends to the beaches of Phuket or eating my way through Hanoi was rudely awakened by a new reality. A reality of working 14 hour workdays hunched over a desk, eyes glazed staring […]