Practice and COVID: Shi Qi

The second stage of my YTT experience can be termed as “Practice and COVID”. As the name suggest, no prize for guessing what happened during the next few weeks of the YTT journey. As the number of COVID cases rises, so did our frustration and anxiety. From mask on practice to mask off practice to […]

The Six Stages of YTT- as I coined them: Shi Qi

Being a mental health practitioner, no doubts I would love a model or theory which summarizes my experiences in a concrete stages. So here I have, the Six Stages of my YTT experience, as I have personally gone through them myself.   The first stage of my YTT experience can be easily termed as “Uncertainty […]


On the fifth and sixth week of YTT, we have completed all the asana sequences and we were tasked to conduct the sequencing individually during our practical practice. It is definitely not easy as we have to understand each pose in order to break down the necessary instructions. However with this practice, I feel that I […]

Christine: Meditation

An aspect of yoga that I’ve learned to love over the past few months is meditating. In YTT we’ve done different techniques to really slow down our breath and calm our minds. Whether it’s breathing techniques like Nadi shoguns or ujjayi or doing visualization methods, it’s been a great experience learning about the different ways […]

Val – Alignment and Adjustments 5/6

As part of YTT, we had to learn how to approach people, adjust them, to help them grow their practice. When teaching pole fitness, those were objectives I similarly had and have been doing BUT having Jess discuss it, the repercussions, the to-dos and don’t dos were so useful; I’ve added them to my databank […]

Val – Conscious Practice 3/6

My yoga practice re-awakened! Have had my yoga practice plateau for a while already, having fallen into bad habits and occasionally even losing the focus in my practice – but over the last 2 months, being at YTT has woken the practice and re-ignited the focus. It’s good fun, realizing the potential the body has, […]

Yin Yin Post #6: Last Few Week of YTT

I can’t believe the weeks have flown by. I am writing this blog post with just a few weeks of YTT left and I am so grateful for everything that I have learned from my experience: Getting up at 8am on the weekends is possible and can be enjoyable. When I started YTT, I was […]

Yin Yin Post #5: Observing and Adjusting Students’ Postures

One of my favourite YTT classes so far at Yoga Mandala has been observing our bodies and helping each other adjust our postures. It has been a highlight because: 1) It has taught me to be super observant of others’ bodies. To be teachers, we have to put the students’ needs first. This means that […]

Yin Yin Post #4: The Mind and the Present Moment

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from YTT is that your mental strength is just as important as your physical strengthen when it comes to improving the quality of your practice. Mental strength is about the ability for your mind to stay present and to silence the external noise. According to a […]

Yin Yin Post #3: Teaching for the First Time

The first time teaching sun salutation to the entire class was one of the most nerve wrecking experiences so far during my YTT course. I was nervous because 1) Doing something new is scary. I was so used to being the student and I didn’t know what to expect as a teacher, 2) Big groups […]