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Rosetti: Chakras – Aura Reading Reflection

After the theory class on 7 chakras, today some of us went for aura reading.

And below is my photo:

It is believed this is a “warrior” picture! – “Red aura is associated with
strength, passions and leadership. People with red aura are generally
grounded to the earth, self-sufficient and able to survive any circumstance.”
“The raw strength exhibited by reds means that what you see is what you get.
They beam with courage and their ambitions often propel them to great
success in the workplace. Due to a lack of dependence on others, reds
naturally excel as leaders as well as alone. The red aura is one of clear
dominance that can be highly rewarding when directed properly.”

I think this is pretty accurate for me:

1. Restlessness – I always try to improve myself, and make use of my
time / money

2. Mental strength / competitive – for me challenges and sacrifices to
achieve something desired are necessary to achieve something better /
greater and they are inevitable. And to be honest, I actually do enjoy
the challenging learning process, the more challenging the better J –
properly this explains the descriptions of mental strength and unafraid
of over-indulgence or over adrenaline-inducing activities

It also reminds me of what I should be cautious about:
“As anything a red puts his or her mind to commands overwhelming focus,
there is a risk of trouble when a failure to balance priorities exists. Since reds
do nothing halfway, spurts of anger can be a significant problem as tempers
rise and rage hotter than others. Those who exhibit a red aura should be wary
of entertaining thoughts of vengeance or jealousy as it may prove difficult to
prevent the desire for negative actions.”

1. Unwanted / unintended negative emotions (eg sadness, depression
and anxiety) or even harms to myself and others – For example, I
would put in a lot of (maybe sometime excessive or unnecessary) time
and efforts to achieve I want, and do not know how to chill out and go
with the flow; Everything must be within my own control and ought to
be what I had expected. This may often lead to anxiety and
depressions with reality do not meet expectations – it reminds me that
I need to learn to balance (to rest / take breaks), accept and
manage expectations of myself / unintended negative emotions

2. Materialistic – I would usually tend to ignore the deeper / spiritual
meanings behind if the situation / people around me which do not offer
sufficient physical satisfactions – it reminds me the l need to learn to
be aware of and to appreciate people and things around me, and
be grateful for what I have

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