Chakras & Teachers

I’ve found chakras to be one of the most interesting theory areas we’ve covered during our yoga teacher training. Since I started practicing yoga more regularly, I’ve definitely become a much more grounded, confident and secure person. I’ve also become much more compassionate and mindful of both myself and others. A lot of this I’m sure comes with age (we constantly mature after all!), but has it also got to do with me activating my chakras during my more regular yoga practice? I guess it’s a bit of both.

The feeling I have when I’ve finished a yoga practice is very much one of contentment. I’ve always loved back bends, with the wheel / urdhva dhanurasana having long been one of my favourite poses since I was a child doing gymnastics. Since starting yoga, I’ve also loved dhanurasana. Is this because I find chest opening poses rewarding, as these activate my heart / anahata chakra, as (what I have learned) is my dominant chakra? Or is is because I find such poses a good counter to my ‘hunch’ back – who even knew I had that! Damn you corporate life!!

There’s so much more to yoga and yoga teaching than just a sequence of poses and I have a new found admiration for those yoga teachers who I went back to week after week. A basic yoga teacher will just lead a class – maybe just those standard sequenced classes. A great yoga teacher will put thought and effort into a sequence, to get the best out of their students, think about how activating the chakras in their sequence, one by one, may help ease certain stresses or tensions the students have in their body or life, help massage their lymph nodes, help to align a specific student’s pose, acknowledge when a student has a breakthrough and celebrate it with them, and basically make them feel good about themselves – that’s a yoga teacher you will go back to. Those ‘euphoric’ or ‘totally chilled’ feelings you get after a great class really are due to a great teacher knowing exactly what they’re teaching you and why. Let’s open our chakras today!



Lisa 🧘‍♀️