Chapter 1 : My Teacher is Awesome! – Tar

Tonight, I’m still in the office…waiting for my file to upload to the client. It says 00.59 mins left…

I realized that I haven’t started writing the blog. I should do it now! And seriously I’m not a good writer what am i supposed to write here?

Ok, lets start with the most impressive in my YTT journey, “My teacher”. I had a chance to speak with her before I decided to start YTT. During the conversation, I am amazed by many many words that she said. She spotted my strengths and weaknesses. And she guided me how to do 1 pose that I can never do. And really…it works! Without any hesitations, i decided to sign up YTT at Theyogamandala because of that.

During my YTT, she always encourage and motivate. Lots of techniques and knowledge have been given to us with her smile and kindness. Pushing us through the limit that we used to have, even though I’m still struggling on most of it. I can really feel and receive the positive energy flowing around in the studio. I like every morning that I walk up the stair and saw her on the front mat. This is really inspired me to be a good teacher like her. It’s still a long way for me to go but I will put on my best and be patience as i wanna be like my teacher because “My teacher is awesome”.

File transfer completed. It’s time go home… See you tomorrow.