Chapter 2 : Habits-Tar

“habit hab·it (hāb’ĭt) n. A recurrent, often unconscious, pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition”

I am one those that have lots of bad habits in my daily life. But when it comes to YTT, it makes me change a lot. Here below are the sample of my habit that i’ve changed.

I am normally not a morning person, I was like to sleep for the whole day during the weekend…..Now, I am. I can wake up at 6.30 in the morning and i can stay alive through out the day.(a little bit of nap is exceptional ;D)

I used to eat crap. Like really really crap….Now I am more careful about what I’m eating. This is for me to be able lift myself up during the practice.

I used to completely relax in my downward facing dog. I didn’t care how my arms, my legs and my everything are. I just wanted to rest….Now I’m aware of my downdog. always think of the proper alignment as it is a foundation for everything before I move to another poses.

For my practicing, I used to just be only on my own mat and do whatever the teacher leads us….But now, I started to listen carefully about how the teacher sequencing. How they flow from one to another pose and how they control the class. So that i can apply and improve my own teaching.

How about you? how have you changed?