Chapter 3 : My first time -Tar

Today was my first 60 mins class teaching.

I was totally lost after the lucky draw. And it was me to be the 1st one to teach full class. You don’t under how hard is it for the person like me who has a problem with public speaking.

Nevermind, the show must go on! (Sooner or later i will have to do it. )

I walked towards the front mat with a lot thoughts in my head. It was very very nervous. I felt like i want to vomit seriously! After sit down on the mat, I stated to clam myself down and talk to myself “I can do it!” ” I must overcome this!”

I’ve decided to use 1 of the sequence that I’ve prepared for homework. It was created to focus more on Swaddhisthana Chakra without knowing that this is Advance/Intermediate Power flow!

During that class, I did try my best to give the instructions as clear as possible. Whatever the words that I’ve heard the teachers say before, I used them. But as you know,a person like me plus nervousness, everything just lost. A lot things was missed out, the details of the poses, the benefit of the poses. I said the wrong sanskrit name. And especially I even forgot to give a break during the flow! End up my class was done 10 mins earlier

The class wasn’t turn out perfectly but it’s ok, at least i did it and i did my best.

Jessica and my classmates gave me comments which really useful. I promise, next round it will be better!

Share with me your exciting experience of your first time teaching!