Chapter 5 : Teach & Learn -Tar

These past few weeks, it was a time for us to practice 60 mins class teaching. For me, I have done totally 4 classes. They were all different, that was my intention to challenge myself to be able to teach more styles.

1st class – Crazy intermediate – Advance Vinyasa (No Break!!!)

2nd class – Hatha Multi-Level (even though i told my classmates “Hatha 1”, i added 2 arm balances just for us to try ;D)

3rd class – Vinyasa level 1 ( this is real Level 1 hahaha)

4th class – Stretching (Beginner)

Some turned out quite nice, but i failed in some as well. However, I have learned a lot during my teaching – sequencing, detailing, time management, voice, eye contact, how to control the class when there are multi-level students and etc.

There are so many things that i need to learn and improve myself.

Hopefully I can be a good teacher…one day.