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Charis Lam 2018 September 200HRS (2)

It was a memorable week for me. Finally we touched on the topic of teaching techniques. I started to ask myself: ‘What kind of instructor do I want to become?’   ‘What type of yoga is suitable for me to teach?’ On the same day, it was my first time teaching Surya Namaskar and Ujjayi Breath. I still remember the excitement I had when I sat in front of my fellow classmates and gave them instructions on Ujjayi Breath. I am starting to feel the responsibility of a teacher. I know I need to improve my skills and teaching ability, and slowly gain the trust of my students one day.

We also learnt about Chakra and why do we need to follow the chakra when we plan yoga sequence. While learning the description of each chakra, it gave me a new perspective of my own weaknesses. For example, if I am constantly feeling insecure and having stomach issues, as well as terrible in standing postures, could it be I have very weak Muladhara Chakra?

On Sunday, we touched on an interesting topic that was very important for each of us – Body Alignment. All this while I knew my body was not perfect, but it was entirely different feeling to find out that I have flat foot, scoliosis S shape and upper and lower flat back. On the following week, I went for xtray and confirmed that I have neck degeneration and scoliosis. According to the chiropractor, my situation might be worse if I didn’t practise yoga or exercise.

On that week, our homework was to plan yoga sequences based on our body alignment. I really enjoy doing my homework because many people are suffering from the same spinal issues. My homework (or my future work, one day) can help others to have a healthier spine and live a healthier life.

Written on 4th Week (6th and 7th Oct)

Charis Lam