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Charmaine – Community Classes (5/6)

So after teaching two classes (one multi-level class last week and one themed class on split pincha today) I learnt that

– I am a nervous blob before class starts. I think a lot of the fear stems from worry about not being good enough and being unable to execute a perfect class.

– Cues have to be repeated very very very often and in a multitude of different ways in the hopes that it gets through. I got scared that I sounded naggy but I was reassured that the people on the mat needed the reminder.

– Jessica also reminded me not to take things so personally when a student seems unhappy/ looks preoccupied because it’s usually because of other factors (e.g Yen looked super grumpy during class and I was stressing out about the regular practitioners being bored with my sequence, but I asked her about it after and it turns out she was cranky about something else going on next door).

– it’s hard to describe the feeling of being hyper-focused while trying to multi-task (trying to keep track of time, remembering cues, rephrasing cues that students don’t seem to respond to on the spot, your sequence, offering regressions, DIFFERENTIATING LEFT AND RIGHT, correcting alignment, adjusting students, talking while demonstrating the pose) and it’s really exhilarating during that hour, but it takes a lot of energy. I’m tired after class, but in a really great way knowing that I gave my best.

– one of my friends who came for class and said that she had more fun than she expected for her first yoga class, and considered starting a yoga practice, which was very heart-warming.