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Charmaine – Responsibility (2/6)

Observing my classmates’ bodies today reinforced the idea that the onus of continued growth falls on us as teachers (and even as practitioners). The body is complex, varied, and is constantly in a state of flux, so there are never-ending things to learn.

Going around trying out different gyms and studios has made me realise that, ironically, people have to have some form of knowledge or experience with the sport, or with human physiology to discern whether or not they’re receiving suitable cues/ advice. Which shouldn’t be the case, especially since most students who attend classes wholly trust what the teacher says (myself included, until YTT further opened my eyes as to how others, as well-intentioned as they are, really might not know what’s good for my body). It brings home the fact that teachers are highly responsible for the alignment cues they ask a student to take, and a lapse in judgment or presence of mind could be scarily injurious.

Guiding a person into a pose while taking into consideration the body’s special set of limitations takes dedication, empathy, and focus to execute; and all this shouldn’t be compromised even in a group class. Thus stems my anxiety about teaching.

Jessica’s attention to detail about ALL our issues (and we’re in no way a small batch!) reminds me that if I ever teach yoga after graduation, that every body is different (not in a special-snowflake way, but in ways with real implications to movement), and having an open mind and heart to continue learning, growing, and connecting isn’t just essential, but mandatory.