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Charmaine – Sequencing (4/6)

Teaching weekends have now crept upon us (!!!) and I’m stressing over sequencing, trying to make sure that I come up with something that’s functional, feels good, but also interesting and creative enough for those who practice regularly.

I know the feeling of showing up on the mat but leaving uninspired or unbalanced, so I wouldn’t want the people who bother coming for my class thinking that way and essentially wasting an hour of their time.

Those close to me know that I get very high-strung and anxious (literally flailed about making strange noises the other day at home thinking about teaching MY FIRST EVER CLASS), but I’m trying to reframe my perspective and manage my nerves by thinking about the classes as a safe space to fall and to learn. I know that I will be trying my best, and, as R says “the most important thing is that you all have fun!”