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Christine: Becoming a teacher

Ironically, when I signed up for YTT I had no intention of becoming a teacher but rather to deepen my practice….
It’s challenging! When we had to teach our first pose in YTT or go through Sun Salutations, I honestly hated it. I was so nervous, trying to connect what my body was doing with saying it out loud. And on top of that, adding Sanskrit and adjustments. The whole process stressed me out.
But when I had the opportunity to teach my first practice class with my friends, I loved every minute of it.
Creating sequences for my friends and family has given me so much joy. To guide people through their yoga journey – whether they are beginners or advanced, honestly feels incredible. I love being able to help make people feel more relaxed, relieve tension, relieve stress, and stretch their bodies.
The more I teach, the more I love it and I can’t wait to see where my YTT certification will take me 🙂
Feb’20 Weekend YTT