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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

This Saturday I will be having my first teaching experience. I think I did not choose a good time slot because being the first, there is no benchmark to fall back on and I think people remember the middle and the last person normally in their minds after comparing with the first, so being the first to start is dangerous. However, I think I am a person who learns only under duress. Given all the time in the world, I will probably never start teaching, never start planning a playlist, or never start thinking of a sequence. Funny how life works, only when desperate do you really do something (at least I think that is the case for me). There is a lot of inertia in my body and in my mind. I think moving around a lot is good for me but sometimes I do not want to move. I like staying in one place when sometimes drastic change is needed. I pray to God for guidance. Some things need to change while some things need to stay the same.