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Christine: Where do I go from here… 

It’s interesting to think, what am I actually going to use with my YTT certificate. How am I going to spend my time now that I don’t have yoga every weekend?
I’m so grateful that I’ve had YTT during these unprecedented times. With coronavirus, lockdown, etc it has been a whirlwind of emotions and changes. But the one thing that’s stayed constant is YTT which has really kept me sane and happy!
I’m a bit nervous to see what May is going to be like – to actually have all of Saturday and Sunday to myself. No more practice teaching, no more yoga HW, no more commitments to be at my mat at 8AM.
But regardless of YTT being in session or not I want to make sure I am absolutely committed to my practice. I want to guide my friends and family through yoga at least once or twice a week. I want to continue practicing yoga whether its through an online class like Alo Moves or Pure Yoga. Yoga has become such an important part of my life and I am making a promise to myself to continue staying grounded and devoted to the practice.
One day I hope to teach students in person and in a studio, but until then… will enjoy the Zoom life!
Feb’20 Weekend YTT