Clarice Handoko #2 WORKING ON IT

So I wrote my first post a while back and I think with regards to what I said I wanted/hope to do – bringing the different things I do together and using it to bring people, share the love of yoga together- is kind of bearing some fruit.

The open classes have been an especially great experience: I think maybe it all started out as a means to reach out to anyone and everyone who might be willing guinea pigs for teaching HAHA! But surprisingly it became a platform to reconnect with old friends, or get to know current friends a little better; somehow a single yoga class can spark so much connection. I find it really gratifying when a friend who came for class tells me via text or in person that they never expected yoga to help them find a sense of ease, or they’ve always wanted to try and my class kinda motivated them to start doing more yoga!

But it’s not all happy and fuzzy stuff, I think trying to juggle everything and doing so quite decently (in my opinion, at least) somehow makes people’s expectations of me that little bit higher. I don’t really know how to explain it, but so many people think yoga teachers are infallible beings- that’s definitely not true and I guess to change that perception and bridge the gaps between the ‘idealized’ yoga teacher and students, one can really emphasize that the learning never stops and that being a yoga teacher isn’t some medal to show off but part of a larger process or, a resource that everyone can tap on to get through the ups and downs in everyday life.