Clarice Handoko #4: Thinking out of the box

YTT’s coming to an end but the learning won’t stop here, one of the greatest things about YTT has to how it opened up questions on what I want from yoga, what I want to do as a yoga teacher and all of this takes time, patience and practice!

As a personal challenge for myself after this YTT ends, I’d like to spend more time, in a way, on the Jnana aspect of the 4 paths that focuses on knowledge. Maybe read the Bhagavad Gita during the summer break?? (haha)

Beyond the personal benefits though, I also hope the new knowledge will also help the people I teach in the future. In terms of physicality, I’d like to understand each asana on a deeper level- how the muscles, joints are working and see if I can come up with new modifications or on a simpler level- a more effective and clearer way of explaining certain poses to myself/the people that I teach. I’ve always admired teachers who can come up with novel modifications and be so knowledgeable and clear about their modifications. That moment when you feel something click, or open up in an asana’s just absolutely precious: I understand now that it comes about from many different things, activation of chakras in addition to the physical for example, but I think the physical and mental state would be a good starting challenge post YTT. Very excited for even more improvements after YTT! 🙂