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Class Sequencing

I was quite apprehensive about this part of YTT, as I’ve learnt over the years as a dancer that I am
not the most creative when it comes to choreography. Additionally, I also have a rather limited
repertoire of yoga poses due to lack of exposure.
I am glad that we were taught a very structured way of approaching this, and was encouraged to
leverage the internet to broaden our knowledge of poses (tummee and Yoga Journal were important
I also find myself paying more attention to the sequences in yoga classes nowadays, trying to pick up
new ways of stringing poses together or to dissect the sequences to explain how I feel about the
Below are my reflections after creating a number of sequences as part of YTT:
– I am most comfortable with creating sequences that build towards an ABI peak pose –
probably because I have most experience with this type of classes, and because generally
speaking, the preparation poses are similar.
– I struggle with beginner/intermediate seated poses that work on strength and balance, as
well as advanced supine poses that are not just relaxing/cool down. For the latter though,
I’ve also realised that poses like halasana and shoulderstand can be challenging for some
– I should probably challenge myself by creating more sequences that work on flexibility. I am
not as confident to teach these sequences, while I think is attributable to self-consciousness
that my degree of flexibility varies widely for different body parts (e.g. relatively flexible
hamstring, but tight hip flexor and IT band)?
Friends have been asking if I am looking to teach yoga after YTT. My initial answer was “not
immediately after”. However, I am now interested to come up with creative sequences and sharing
these with others – maybe I’ll give this another thought…


Nge Hwee
200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21