Yoga Classes

A great starting yoga class for beginners

Kickstart a transformative journey in discovering Yoga with The Yoga Mandala, where we offer various class types to suit your preferences and needs. Our experienced instructors and trainers will help you guide in developing the right skills and make the most out of your Yoga learning session.

Are you a beginner? We have the Vinyasa Basics or try our Hatha Yoga in Singapore. Want something more advanced or more focused on a full-body workout? Perhaps our Arm Balance & Inversion Yoga (ABI) Levels 2 and 3 can be ideal. There is always a perfect class for you to dive into!

Find the right yoga class for you

Strengthen your body’s core centre (referring to abdomen, pelvis, and lower back muscles) and improve your endurance with a blend of yoga and strength-conditioning drills of Core Yoga. Expect core-focused exercises and training to help you tone your body’s posture and balance.

On the other hand, for more fluidity and grace, Flow Yoga is ideal for practising synchronicity of your breath in each movement in a seamless sequence of poses. It is suitable for improving your flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning with rhythmic and dynamic practice.

Hatha Yoga
Beginner Classes:


Hatha Yoga Classes that are highly recommended for beginners:

• Vinyasa Basics

Hatha Yoga is a traditional style focusing on physical technique through working on posture and breath control. The word "Hatha" in Sanskrit is translated to force. Practitioners and Yogis can attest to the calming and relaxing experience of Hatha Yoga, and many widely practise it to help attain a spiritual state and channel energy. It is also beneficial for relieving everyday anxiety and improves greater mindfulness.



Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and fluid style that intertwines movement with breath with string postures to make a sequence. It is a broader classification but at the very core, it is known to create a seamless and continuous movement while promoting mindfulness and breathing awareness. Vinyasa Yoga can be invigorating and can help alleviate stress and anxiety and cultivate a sense of relaxation. This style is accessible to all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Foundational Flow & Strength (FFS)


FFS is a mixture of flow and strength-training that works on finding full body strength and stability in poses.
It is ideal for anyone who is just starting out in yoga and wants to build strength and endurance. Options are also given to intermediate practitioners, according to their level of practice.

Arm Balance & Inversion Yoga

ABI (L1 / L2 & 3)

ABI L1 / 2 & 3

ABI L1 is an introduction class to strength-building, arm balances & inversions. Highly suitable for beginners with little to no experience in yoga/ arm balances or inversions.


ABI Level 2 & 3 focuses on a full body work out with exercises on strengthening core (front & back), upper body and leg muscles to help students ease into arm balance & inversion transitions / variations.

Core Yoga



Core Yoga is a blend of yoga + strength-conditioning drills, that aims to improve core and arm strength, through a series of carefully crafted endurance trainings and transitions.

Flow & Stretch

(90 MINS)


Moving with the breath, flow through a series of yoga poses to energize, strengthen, and create heat in the body, before winding down with some longer-held stretches to improve flexibility and work into the deeper connective tissues. All levels welcome.

Our Yoga Instructor

At The Yoga Mandala, you can ensure a quality Yoga training and exercise experience at every class you choose with our dedicated yoga instructor. Each class instructor is backed with years of experience and knowledge in Yoga to help guide students and create a nurturing environment. Under the guidance of our skilled instructor, you can be more confident unlocking the fullest potential of the Yoga style you wish to learn.

Myofascial Release + Yin Yoga



The practice of myofascial release involves applying gentle pressure on targeted areas, in order to reduce tension and pain in the body, and restore motion. Props such as balls/blocks may be used for this purpose.

Combining both myofascial release and yin yoga into a single practice, this is a slower paced class with longer-held stretches - focusing on improving flexibility and releasing tightness in the connective tissues.

All levels welcome.




Similar to Vinyasa, OLF is a multi-level flow class that caters to ultra beginners to advanced practitioners; with different variations for all levels. 

Power Yoga


Multi-level class aimed at strengthening the entire body with the execution of movement and flexibility cues, but more importantly, this is a class for you to get your sweat on.