Closing thoughts

I remember taking picture of grasshopper variation before but it was a mere 1 sec jump off a screenshot in the video. Although it looks good on photos but i wouldn’t dare to live demo because i know i can’t.

Then last weekend, revisiting this pose again, taking multiple videos and pictures also adds on to the practice, and with control, i managed to hold 5 counts? It feels good to know i can do it instead of screenshoting it.

There are actually many people who would do anything for a nice picture. Compromising on their own safety. And that is so silly. I started out this way too. Everything was split secs but actually achieve nothing. Just obsessed over the number of likes.

I feel yoga also teaches us about self awareness and self love. If certain poses are not possible yet, let it go. Maybe not today? One day you will surprise yourself with what you can do. If you start to feel tired and frustrated with yourself and die die must get a nice picture, then that negetivity is not very healthy. Everytime i try a new pose and if i can’t do it, it means i need to build more awareness, strength and/or flexibility on whichever parts that need it. And maybe after a month or 2, i will try again.

And maybe becoming a yoga teacher requires demonstration in class sometimes. I want to be credible too. I dont want my students to see my pictures but realised it was screenshot and i can’t do it. If i can’t do it, i would jolly admit it. But can’t do it doesn’t mean can’t teach it. Heh 😜

I will miss everybody!!! So badly!!! But this journey never end!


Brenda tan