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4th November 2018


Being in YTT made me realize the importance of the yoga community.

In the past, I used to be very self-conscious. I prefer to go for classes alone, as I do not want to feel inadequate, be it with regards to body image or how deep I go into every posture.
I never saw the importance of making friends with my fellow practitioners nor felt the need to really communicate with them. It was always awkward for me whenever we had to do partner work.
I liked having the freedom of going for any classes I want, cancelling anytime I want. And at times, I do slack off because I simply have no motivation to go for class.

It was only this year that I started making friends in the studio I practice. From sharing the same space each week.
They inspire me to move forward and to push on.
They made me yearn to come for practice each week.
And I found the same community in my YTT comrades.

Community is when people begin to care about one another, and when they begin to share things that are important to one another. They celebrate your breakthroughs and your growth. They encourage you when you fall.

This community is what makes our practice even more special.
So thank you for practising with me. Thank you for accepting my vulnerabilities and holding space for me. 

Melissa @issa_lem