Community – Cheryl Cheong

A very surprising, yet unexpected, joy that I’ve discovered while embarking on my YTT200 journey is the awesome people I meet in the studio week-on-week. We started off strangers, but going through this yoga journey together has really built strong ties between us.

We understand the same struggles of waking up and being on the mat by 8am every Saturday and Sunday. The FOMO one feels when everyone’s out having fun on Friday/Saturday night, but you have to be responsible and sleep early for class the next day.

What I enjoy most is the positive energy we share, gratefully facilitated by Jess and Nicole. We are happy to share tips, teach each other new poses and really work at building each other up.

It’s great!

I think the yoga community needs more of positivity. It’s a journey, not a race. No reason why we can’t travel together.

Cheryl Cheong (YTT200 Weekend Jan’17)