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CP: Yoga Journey – YTT Obstacle

Extremely excited for TGIF since August, not only I can rest after the 5 days tiring working, but it is
because I can attend the training during weekend.

Unfortunately, I sprain my neck one day when I woke up, but I never care on it because it used to always
happen on myself, I guess it is due to my pillow. However, after a week, I noticed my left shoulder, left
arm and left elbow pain and numb.

I have a severe electrical shock pain and tingling on my left shoulder for every single left foot step on the
floor. Company doctor gave me muscle relaxant and pain killer to eat, specialist advise me to go for

I bring my X-ray film to show Jessica, and she gave me advise on how to corrected my head posture by
lifting my head back and up, tuck in my chin slightly, don’t hunch back. She also ask me on my eye level
during my office hour and suggested me to lift up my monitor.

Amazing, I feel better after correcting the posture. Trillion thanks to Jessica, Preeti for getting her friend
to review my X-ray film and advise me what I should do, Carmen for recommend me for chiropractic.
Throughout this period, all of my batch mates give me a lots of encouragement which make me feel very
warm. I love you all (Nia, Preeti, Xiao Hui, Simran, Rachelle, Fel, Carmen, Sylvia & Tina)

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend