Crossing over to the weekday side of YTT 5/6 Gayle Nerva

I got a day off work and was lucky enough to spend it with the weekday YTT students! It was their last teaching day before their exams the following day and they were in such warm high spirits. Theirs was a small cozy group of 5, and I got to take 4 student’s classes; Naomi taught an Intro to Vinyasa, focusing a lot on proper alignment and took us through a well rounded class. Naomi’s got a stern yet warm energy, and makes me feel very safe in her class. Cherlene taught a core, arm strength class leading into Bakasana. Oh! Her class was fun and intense! I really felt myself work! It was also a very nicely structured class, she spoke clearly and gave great instructions, and motivated us be patient with ourselves but also to keep going strong. Xiao Min led a Yin Yoga class that was sooo calming and relaxing, it was hard not to drift off in some parts! lol. It was so lovely to have a slow and deep stretching class after two higher energy yoga sessions. Xiao Min’s tone was calming and endearing, showing compassion to her students while guiding them to deepen their practice. And last but not least, Diana led the class after everyone had their lunch, which posed some difficulties for the students. With full stomachs, some postures she had planned ahead of time had to be altered on the spot. Inversions and prone poses were difficult. Diana kept her warm nature in her teaching and showed enthusiasm assisting her students in their postures.

Was really great getting a chance to meet new people and share their love of Yoga, thank you weekday students for a fun day! <3