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Crow me a river

“Tell us what you’d like to achieve from this YTT”

Uhhh… I’d like to be able to do a crow pose.

Initially, I really cannot fathom the knees being on the triceps. I mean, how does it even stabilise?! How does the knee cap actually stay there?! ? My arms aren’t very firm, they are pretty flabby actually, so the feeling’s like trying to find footing in a lump of jelly.

In week 1, we attempted the baby crow pose and I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO DO IT!

Today, in the midst of week 4, we were taught the actual crow pose.

Expectations vs Reality ?

Well, this was my reality anyway. To be honest I was really disheartened, because everyone managed to do it and I was probably the only one still struggling to lift the toes.

One thing about Yoga that I really appreciate… Is it’s non-competitiveness nature. The practice itself encourages stability and self-awareness. The competition is MANmade! I found myself so fixated on the outcome that I forget to enjoy and understand the process of getting there. Everyone progresses at their own pace and timing. I might not be able to hold myself in the asana now, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get it once my body is stronger. Right now, my focus should be on engaging the correct muscles, keeping the alignment and building strength.

Selfpossessedresolute, act without any thought of results, open to success or failure. This equanimity is yoga.”

Equanimity (noun): the state of being calm and in control of your emotions, esp. in a difficult situation.


@yourflexiblefriend, Dora.