Din Saar 2/6 – keep on trying

This week is a very important week in my life.

On Sunday I ran, for the first time in my athletic life, the Singapore standard chartered Half Marathon – it was amazing. The run was organized, fun, challenging and having 2 wonderful friends running beside me all the way was great.

So with this run in my pocket, I managed today, again for the first time, perform a Yoga hand stand during class and it too felt awesome.

my message to my self and to you, keep on trying, try to set the bar higher than possible and then reach it, only to set the bar higher, practice on the things you love and desire, you will get there, sure enough. Don’t quit, don’t say it’s not for you – just keep on trying.

This week I’ve finished drafting all of my teaching classes required within the scope of the YTT course. I’m optimistic to think it’s ok – we shall see in the next few days.

Have a nice mid week you all – keep on smiling.