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Disbelief and Reminiscence: Shi Qi

The fourth stage of my YTT experience can be termed as “Disbelief and Reminiscence”. By now, we
have downloaded and accepted Sanskrits into our system and teaching as part of our lives. As we go
through drills and morning sequences, we started to laugh at some novel ways of pronouncing the
Sanskrits as well as discovering how hard it is to differentiate left from right. But alas, the teaching of
sequences became smoother and now, we start to expose ourselves to the other different poses that
we never knew existed. They say “too many cooks spoil the broth” but not in this case! It was definitely
so much of help learning new poses and sequences from one another rather than going through each
of them ourselves. It definitely felt super surreal to go from learning one single pose to teaching a
sequence to learning other poses to coming up with my own sequence that I will be teaching.


And as we progressed into all these exciting stuff, someone commented during lunch that: “Oh my
god! We are more than half way through YTT!!”. Yes, it suddenly dawned on me that excluding
teaching, exam and graduation week, we actually do not have much of practicing time together. Not
sure who it was, but someone begin reminiscing about the past few weeks of YTT during lunch and
other chipped in. initially in my “hey-guys-its-too-early-for this” mode, but I soon joined in the fun and
oh boy, we did went through quite a fair bit together huh? We laughed, joked, related about our first
impressions of one another in the first few weeks so naturally that if felt like we just enrolled in this
YTT.. In this sense, I don’t think I will need to additionally explain how this fourth stage is being termed


Shi Qi
200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend