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Do you hyperextend your joints?- Shivonne

I would like to share a common mistake that many regular yoga practician used to make.

While attending yoga class, we always heard the instructor say , “Don’t overextend your elbows” or “Do not lock your knees”. However,people usually overlook it and end up injuring themselves .

What dose overextend or hyperextend actually mean in yoga? It means the joint movement in which the angle formed by the bones of a particular joint is opened,or straightened, beyond its normal,healthy,range of motion. The normal angle of the joint depends on whether it is a natural hyperextension or hypermobility in the joint. Look at the picture below,while straightening the arm, it should like to one flat line. If the joint goes beyond 180 degrees, it is hyperextension.

What kinds of injuries might cause for hyperextension of joints?
Hyperextension of joints shouldn’t affect much in our daily life. But it might cause injury to the body for those people keep doing routine exercise with their joints A hyperextended elbow or knee can damage ligaments,cartilage and other stabilising structure in and around the joint.

How can we avoid hyperextend while practicing yoga?
Do not lock your elbows or knees .Try to micro-bend and externally rotate your arm for those postures requires straightening the arms. Micro-bend your knee for standing postures or any postures require extend the legs.Don’t put all the body weight on the joints. Find support for your pose by engaging the muscles rather than joints.

Doing yoga helps us stay fit and healthy. We should prevent ourselves from unnecessary injuries caused by wrong practice habits.