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Done and Dusted | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

Day 24.


I still remember the first few weekends of YTT, waking up before 6.30am and walking up the stairs to the studio ensuring that I’m not late to class, was quite ‘new’ to me. But after one month of doing so, this weekend routine became more familiar, and coming to class felt more casual and I no longer felt as tense as I was before! Then in April, time suddenly flew by and we were off to our teaching assessments and today, our final exams.

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to say that YTT has changed my life, but it definitely has improved my life and myself as a being. Through YTT, I learnt not just about the poses, but the philosophy as well. Along with Jessica’s personal sharing & constant encouragements, I felt really empowered(???). I feel like I’m someone who tend to put others before myself and I tend to blame myself when I can’t achieve something or help someone out. But through YTT I learnt that it’s important to think for yourself, know what you are able or not able to do for someone else, and to stand firm to your own (righteous) beliefs. I’m unable to put into words how grateful I am for this YTT to learn not just physical poses, but also life lessons.

I also feel that my focus improved so much since YTT started! I drive much better and more stable now than before (ok maybe just a tiny bit but still… haha) and I’m doing better at my internship now!! I’m more productive and perhaps less prone to stress now? I don’t know if all these before and after comparisons sound too positive but these are honestly what I feel about myself now! I am really really so thankful that I took this big step to do YTT.

I’m excited for what lies ahead after YTT – I will definitely keep practising, keep improving, not just as a yogi, but as an overall human being.