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Don’t forget the struggle

There was one time on our way to lunch, we were all sore, aching, frustrated, and completely spent. We were ranting and talking about how hard the sequence was and picking on our own difficulties and feeling rather down about it. Because well…nobody likes to be reminded of their own shortcomings right?

Then I remember Jess saying, “The best kinds of teachers are not those who are already perfect and flexible and strong to begin with, like for example, a gymnast who does yoga. But rather those who have overcome their own physical limitations and can understand what their students are going through, so that they can help.”

Her words hit me so hard. Just….wow.

I’m learning not to view my limitations as roadblocks but rather as avenues for me to grow. I don’t ever want to forget how it feels like to struggle because it’s one big step towards being able to relate and empathize with people.

Feeling so, so grateful.