Don’t support someone by holding their knee!

I remember an incident when I got told off by Jess for trying to support a classmate into a handstand from a donkey kick. My intention was to help her get up to handstand because I saw her struggling. So I offered to support her from the side. I can clearly remember that I grabbed her by the left shoulder firmly to prevent her from falling into her face and used my right hand to pull her left knee upwards to handstand. Jess reminded me thrice to spot her by the stomach and not to hold her by the knee. At first, I thought that supporting her from the stomach is invasive for ladies and I got carried away with supporting her my usual way.

So Jess told me off and stepped in to support her instead. She demonstrated a few ways to support and further emphasized the point of not trapping the student by holding the knee because some people may freak out and injure themselves.

I learnt that although I am very confident with supporting by the shoulder, I should not let the student feel trapped by holding their knee or ankle.

Nelson Tay