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Dying in Savasana (Literally)

Normally, people can’t wait for Savasana during yoga classes. Well, I am not one of them. I do not have one of those cool reasons like wanting to work out more or wanting to practise more poses. My reason is sad, I feel shoulder, chest and backache (usually upper back) during Savasana. Do not get me wrong, I love lying down and sleeping, I am that kind of disgusting person who goes to bed right after lunch or dinner to rest my body. But after an hour or so of yoga, I can’t do Savasana without feeling discomfort. Sometimes, the discomfort (or pain) lasts about 1-2minutes, sometimes it lasts the whole 5-7min of Savasana. I tried putting towel on my upper back, lower back, knees and ass, but it just relief the discomfort by a little bit.

Last Friday, Nicole made us practised yoga alignments and a lot of back bending asanas. Throughout the practise, I kept telling myself not to try too hard, or do my best, because I really do not want another injury to add to my aging bones. Plus, Nicole was supporting my body weight with her baby belly… there are just 101 reasons why I should take it easy and not do anything risky. But Nicole being Nicole, whenever I accidentally give her an eye contact, she will just ask me to try the back bend, until I did it… It wasn’t mission impossible, but it would be impossible without her support.

Back to my pain during Savasana, after that back bending and other asanas session, Wendy led us in Savasana that day. It was funny, her Savasana script was good and not funny, but it’s always funny when it’s Wendy, so I had to control my smiles which occasionally breaks into laughter, when it comes to things about Wendy. I lied down on the mat, close my eyes, feet apart, palms facing up, inhaling and exhaling, and relaxing from toes, ankles, calves, knees, hips and then it occurred to me, HEY! NO PAIN ON MY CHEST, OR MY LOUSY BACK!

Rejoice! I told the girls about the great news once we Namaste for break about the no pain savasana, and the fabulous girls being fabulous, were very happy for me 🙂 Grateful for backbending and heart opening exercises. DEAR ANAHATA, I’ll give you more TLC from today onwards <3

Lindy, Student

PS: Wendy said "I think my savasana cured your back" hahahahahahhaaa…. I told you everything about this girl is very funny