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A topic which we often hear being discussed in the Yoga community or in general is the discussion of the Ego “your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability”.

One thing I told myself as I was headed to YTT Day 1 was to leave my ego at home. This has really helped me stay focused on my own development on my own mat. A younger, more insecure version of myself would have the issue of constant comparison or the need of approval. For example: how is he/she doing that and I can’t? Does this or that person like me? In that sense the ego becomes quite toxic since you’re feeling a need to be approved by anything external, rather than your internal self being at peace with where ever you are in life mentally and physically.
On of my favorite quotes by Osho regarding the ego is: “Death of the ego is the birth of the soul”. The sooner we become aware of the ego and it’s dialogue within us, the better we become at silencing it.
See ya later ego!