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Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga/Raja Yoga from Da

Hi..I’m DA   Today in the morning class I learnt about Proper Breathing Techniques,Meditation,yoga poses and how to answering the question from student.

Afternoon,I have learnt about 8 Percepts.

1. YAMA :Disappearance of all suppressions, I must believe in myself that I can do it.

1.1 Ahimsa :non violence.

1.2 satya : truthfulness,non-telling of lies living truth

1.3 Asteya: non-stealing,

1.4 Barhmacharya: livening like a God/Brahma

1.5 Aparigraha : non-possession of nothing that give suffering for someone,

2. NIYAMA : freedom from all observances

2.1 Saucha : purity of thoughts,lead to purity of the body.

2.2 Sentosha: contentment, being not happy or sad Enjoying every moment of being in consciousness

2.3 Tapas : Auster transform impurities

2.4 Swadhyaya : union of the divine comes through self – study

2.5 Ishwara-parnidha : surrender

3. ASANA: Steady and comfortable pose,Physical Fitness and balancing.

4. PRANAYAMA : Expansion of vital energy,prana

5. PRATYAHARA : being able to control your emotional,passion, desires and positive thinking

6. DHARANA: mind fit for concentration(focus)

7. DHYANA : meditation

8. SAMADHI : Higher states of Conscious

After I finished the class today ,I discovered that if I can breathe properly then my body will relax then I can do the poses  correctly, when I’m being aware of meditation then I will not forget how to poses correctly .Also it gives me energy to do advance poses as well .So the 8Precepts is very important to people who want to do yoga

Best Regard