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Emily: Blog 3

I had my first panic attack when I was 18. I was never a relaxed child, stress managed my life for most of my school years. I started practicing yoga while in college to help relieve some of the stress. I knew of the physical and mental benefits, but I never could have imagined the impact it has had in my life. Slowly but surely I learn’t to manage the pain from my scoliosis on my own. Physio & Chiro appointements became less and less necessary. Only occasional visits when the pain became completely unbearable. Still to this day I can go months before needing an adjustment. This is to me the greatest feat! Doctors told me almost 10 years ago that my physical abilities would only get worse with time. I am quite shocked that I survived a YTT, although I am exhausted, I feel great, I feel strong. I hope to continue to practice regularly in order to achieve even more challenging postures.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19