End of week 2!

2 weeks of YTT just flew by! I came into YTT knowing that it will be hard-core. Man….it is even more hard-core than what I thought it would be. Fun of course. But HARDCORE. No pain no gain I guess. So many breakthroughs these 2 weeks. And we did it as a class! Loving all the positive vibes and energy in the class. Everyone is so motivated and encouraging.

I can finally touch the floor with my elbows! Not perfect, of course. But I am so happy with the progress. Through the years of dancing and self practise, I had never been able to do that! So energized just by looking at this again. Muahahahah.

Highlight of the week:

Eka pada koudinyasana as a class! Everyone could do it! Felt wonderful to achieve this together as a class!

Gonna look forward to more breakthroughs next week!