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Estrina: Does the universe really speak?

Wrote my previous post (“Time is not a given, but a privilege” post) yesterday and got
news of my uncle passing away today. Does the universe truly speak?

While visiting my uncle in the ward earlier today, looking at him in comatose state made us
feel sad and uneasy, he’s usually the host of an event. He’s very hospitable and his
presence barely went unnoticed. Yet, there was a calmness and peacefulness in the air

I thought about the life he had led so far, he was always someone my mom looked up to.
He led a righteous life, always willing to lend a hand, grounded and unshaken by wealth or
poverty. He was kind to everyone. That reminded me of our theory class on yamas and

Do you think the way people lead their lives would affect the energy of their loved ones
when they die? My uncle wasn’t an asana practitioner but I strongly believed he embodied
the other aspects of yoga.

I don’t know when and how, but in recent times, I’m starting to read a lot into every day
happenings and finding meaning to them- wondering what lessons they bring. That being
said, I’m wary of the self-reinforcement notion, the mind can find/make up reasons just to
back-up the your actions retrospectively. The goal is really to be non-judgement yet

Perhaps my uncle’s death can act as a timely evaluation on how I’m leading my life. That
the way you’ve led your life, the energy you exude, will inadvertently affect the energy of
your loved ones.

I told this theory to my mom and somehow, it made her cry a little lesser. My aunt (Uncle’s
wife) shared the same sentiments that the air was sombre but peaceful when he left. I’m
glad I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.