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Estrina: Making of a good yoga teacher

Hello Jessica and Alexis,

I hope all’s well with the both of you! As the YTT journey is coming to an end, it is so
wonderful to see how everyone in class is getting stronger! I enjoy observing how people
are improving by leaps and bounds.

Speciel shoutout to Rosetti who seems to be flying in all directions these days on IG
(hehe!) and Xue Ting sounding so confident and clear in her practical classes! I know
these improvements come with a lot of effort.

After going through this YTT, it has reaffirmed my belief that being a great yoga teacher
requires tremendous work- the voice, the sequence, memory, knowledge of yoga, and the
genuine spirit to teach.

It’s definitely not an easy job to have and on top of that, I believe a great yoga teacher is
one that teaches you the values of yoga on and off the mat. Their off-the-mat persona is
more important to me than that of one on the mat. After all, it’s just optics for that 1-2 hrs of
class, and the weight of the remaining 22hours will matter more.

Stay genuine,