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Estrina: Thank you for the YTT <3

Hello Jessica and Alexis,


Thank you for being such a dynamic duo! I enjoyed the entire YTT journey thoroughly. I
love the energy in the Yoga Mandala. If I could sum it up perfectly, it would be Strong,
Authenticity and no bullshit/excuses yet a ton of fun and laughter. Thank you for making
graduation happen despite covid-19, that’s really the beauty of life, we learn to adapt in
circumstances and make things happen.


I entered the YTT excited to learn more about yoga and I’m graduating with more
knowledge, and the same desire to learn more. I think my journey for yoga has truly began
and I am excited to learn more! Please consider holding short workshops at Mandala!
I am extremely thankful that my YTT mates are so amazing in their own way, and I am so
lucky to get along well with all of them. Phew!


This YTT may end, but I’m sure the friendships forged would take us through a longer
journey ahead! Can’t wait to be back at the studio for physical adjustments and to take
more photos! Hopefully by then, Jessica can serenade us with her flute playing 😀


Lots and lots of love,