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Estrina: Time is not a given, but a privilege

What a strange time to be in isn’t it? Was scrolling through Instagram earlier in the
afternoon and I saw an advertisement for virtual YTT intake at a yoga studio in HK, I
thought to myself “ wow, is this the way life is going to be moving ahead?” What seemed
like the norm 3 months ago, seemed so unattainable now. That got me thinking my friends
and the last time we met. When we parted, it did not cross out minds that the next time
we’d meet would be a while later.

Some thoughts and feelings surfaced, “What was the last thing we said to each other?” “I
wish I had spent more time with xxxx instead of rushing off” “ Why didn’t I hug xxxx before

Perhaps I could have been more present at the moment. Maybe we could all do things a
little different if we knew how long it would be before the next meeting- a little less
checking of messages, emails, talking about work, checking social media.

I don’t foresee the global covid-19 situation ending anytime soon. If anything good that has
come out of this viral outbreak, I am glad it is allowing contemplation. Recognising that
time with our loved ones is not a given, it’s a privilege and a gift. To spend our time wisely
and be present at the moment, to say things only when we mean them, and not to put
things off thinking “we’d have next time”, because next time is not a given.

I am glad we made use of the lunch breaks back then during the 1st few weeks of our YTT
to practise, to bond and take photos. Here are some wonderful moments I had at the
studio and with the YTT mates.
Thank you for the journey and opening the studio up for us overtime we request for photo
opportunities <3

Feb’20 Weekend YTT