Excited Journey

Here comes my favorite part, adjusting alignment !

A proper alignment will help to balance better, stretch further and hence, advance and go deeper into the postures. This progress can only be achieved through receiving assistance in a yoga posture.

I have a decent knowledge of asana alignment and that was one of the main reason why I sign up for this course. While I know that we are going to have this alignment theory for few days, my heart yelling “YESSSS ” !!!

Listen to your body. This is something I hear over and over again in yoga classes. For me as a student, it’s a tough directive to follow. It felt really different while you just following verbal cue and adjusting the alignment by yourself. I love being adjusted and also helping others to get into correct alignment. When someone is observing your practice and sharing their love and knowledge to help you get better into that pose, it feels safe.

I recognizes that there are a lot of variations in human bodies and consider alignment to be a process more than an end result. Alignment is not just about making the pose look pretty. In most cases, the correct alignment offers the safest way to do the posture.

Through this exploration and practice, I get to discover key cues for each asana while adjusting, modifications that could be offered for students that could not go into certain poses and various ways of adjusting the students, both verbal and physical.

Thanks for my teacher Jessica and classmate! Thank you for willing placing your hands on my ridiculous sweaty pants, sports bra and body to help me get into pose. I know I’m in good hands! Thank you for trusting me to guide you into pose and willing to give me feedback on how does it feels. I will never ever forget all the hands on practice which generate a lot of laugh. HAHAHA!


Lee Yan Hui ( ig: leeh.yoga )