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Exploring my spirituality: Phyllis

Jessica taught us about the different types of elements in our bodies, as well as the
seven main chakras in our bodies. This is a relatively new learning field to me as my practice
has always been dominantly physical and mental. As I learned more, I started to become
slightly more aware of the energy within my body, as well as the energy in my surroundings.
The first time I experienced my chakras being activated was during morning meditation. I
tried out Jessica’s suggestion of meditating in a kneeling position as she told us that the
discomfort would help us to better focus on one thought. True enough, all I could think of
then were the discomfort my toes were feeling. It was and still is, a pretty unexplainable
experience. However, I do know that spirituality would be an area I would like to continue


Before the YTT, the only type of energy I felt was more so the kind of vibes that
people gave off them, or the types of energy I learned in secondary school (LOL). I was not
even aware that spirituality and religiosity were different. I know, right? So, I had a chat with
Jessica about what I was experiencing, and she advised me to focus on the energy within
myself and that spirituality would come to me when I am ready for it. Spirituality, she said, is
a journey that is best not to be rushed. And I agree with that.


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend