Farewell to YTT200h ~ Jasmine Ho

What???? Time really flies and our Yoga Teaching Training (YTT) is coming to an end in just two more days! Where did these five weeks of 200 hours go to? So much has gone through in these few weeks in class. The feeling is still so surreal.

Initially, it was so difficult and torturous to wake up early and be on the mat at 8am. As the days passed, it became a habit and everyone actually reaches the studio and sat around warming up our wrists and quads etc while chit-chatting. We went from strangers to friends who went through many sun salutations and asanas together. All of us came with different backgrounds and different levels of yoga practice. It was great learning alongside with each other, understanding the fundamentals and differences we all have and how they affected our asana practice. It was fantastic seeing everyone improve in their stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility. It was great to know how some of my classmates benefitted from adopting the correct breathing techniques and feeling their energy going up.

I know it is time to say goodbye but I do not think that our yoga journey is coming to an end. In fact, I am positively sure this is only a beginning and I look forward to seeing everyone around and attending their classes. Else, we can all meet up for asana practices or even just for cakes and coffee! All the best to everyone! Namaste!~