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Feeling stronger everyday…

I always complained about my core strength in the past. I blamed every possible thing for my weak core, but I believe the main reason was my pregnancy and my extra large size baby who made me put on 40+ pounds before the due date. My massive thunder and lightening like stretch marks have made this “cause of my weak core” even more convincing. I told myself that I have been working so hard in the past trying to strengthen my core and yet it’s not getting anywhere closer to what I expected. I have come to a point that I feel like I should just accept myself that way and embrace my “untrainable” core. I never think that it’s only about a little more than 2 weeks of YTT training with the Yoga Mandala that has improved my core strength!! I realized this amazing advancement the morning when we were learning Navasana (boat pose). I found it so amazing that now I can move my legs up to the place which I would never dream of. I think I should post a BEFORE and AFTER picture of my boat pose to remind myself how amazing my YTT journey is. Now I can’t blame my baby, my stretch marks, the curve of my back, the proportion of my legs to my body, etc…

We continue having all sorts of tough physical training with Jessica (she wouldn’t run out of ideas for making us stronger or “torturing” us, hahah!), and we recover faster and faster every week. I cannot express how thankful I am, for joining this YTT course, and for sure it has changed my life forever.

Jade Hales