Feeling the yoga high! ~ Jasmine Ho

I had my first encounter with yoga 6 years ago when I was working in a government department. Advocating work-life balance and healthy lifestyle were the main reason why corporate yoga classes were introduced to us during our lunch time. Even after a couple of months of classes, my enthusiasm was almost non-existence then. I felt that it was too boring and that I did not feel I actually worked out. I chose to dance and run over yoga.

Fast forward to 3 years from that “virgin” experience, I took up pole dancing and realised how complementary yoga and pole were to each other. The strength and flexibility required were so similar. Hence, it prompted me to sign up for yoga classes and to attend them regularly. I had never looked back since then. It was also through yoga classes with my favourite instructor that lit up the yoga fire in me. He had taught me what body awareness is and guided me along this path.

Watching videos on social media and observing various yoga instructors, I was fascinated with what one could do with the various parts of the body and the ability of it to “learn” and adapt to the asanas. From there, I went about gaining a deeper understanding to the benefits of the various poses. Hence, I wanted to keep improving myself for both strength and flexibility.

In addition to that, I wanted to know how to help others as well. I get a sense of satisfaction in guiding my friends to improve flexibility and strength for both pole tricks and yoga poses. This is when the thought of taking the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course crept into my mind. I would like to get proper training on how to teach and align others so that they benefit from it greatly.

So, here I am at the YTT after returning to Singapore from a year stay in Monterey. And, I am looking forward to the few weeks of being high on yoga!

Jasmine Ho