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Finding Peace in Ujjayi Breathing – Pei Xuan (2/6)

Ujjayi breathing is an amazing breathing technique has helped me not only with getting into asanas (particularly those which I never ever thought I could!) but also in improving my quality of life. It has helped me so so much with controlling my acid reflux problem — which hurts my throat so badly whenever it happens. It’s really true that this breath helps to “massage the internal” organs; it has helped me heaps with my digestive issues stemming from the years of eating disorder i used to have ( Never really found the courage to share this with you guys, but don’t worry! I’m definitely in a better place now mentally and physically (: )

Breathing has become so much more than just breathing to stay alive, it becomes something I do with intention — Be it to calm me from my anxieties, keep me focused, or improve my digestion. It’s no wonder why its named “ocean’s breath” because it really harnesses the quality of the ocean — strong, peaceful and calm. I would go so far as to say that this breathing technique is life-changing for me because it indeed empowers me with finding peace and strength to go about my daily life on and off the mat.

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